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Japan’s oldest hot spring

Dōgo Onsen is one of Japan’s most famous spas. Dōgo Onsen is said to have been discovered 3,000 years ago when a white heron cured its injured leg in its waters.


Matsuyama, castle town

Matsuyama’s most distinctive feature is its castle, located right in the centre of town. Around the castle are shopping areas and government offices, reflecting the history of a flourishing castle town.


Experiences only found in Matsuyama

Matsuyama is comfortably warm, and the winters aren’t particularly cold. It doesn’t rain much year-round either, making it an ideal place for all sorts of activities.


Eating in Matsuyama

Enveloped by the sea and mountains, with its warm climate, Matsuyama is a treasure house of delicious things. You can try seafood freshly netted in the Seto Inland Sea as sashimi, tempura or many other methods of preparation. Sea bream, scad and


The centre of Matsuyama with its commercial establishments, government offices and companies is always bustling with people. In particular, the central shopping district is crammed with boutiques, general stores, cafés and other eateries.