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The centre of Matsuyama with its commercial establishments, government offices and companies is always bustling with people. In particular, the central shopping district is crammed with boutiques, general stores, cafés and other eateries. There are also many shops offering Japanesque souvenirs such as kimono, folk crafts, tableware and sundries. Near the central shopping district are two department stores offering many deluxe brands. There are shops specializing in music, manga, anime and so on, 100 yen shops selling a variety of goods, home appliance shops, and shops for pretty much everything in between.

Ōkaidō, Gintengai,
Ropeway Street

Matsuyama has two large department stores, with an L-shaped shopping arcade running between them. The arcades are called Ōkaidō and Gintengai. They have a diverse selection of shops, with an emphasis on fashion and sundries. You’ll find a diverting array of brand items and reasonably-priced clothing. There are also shops specializing in kimono and Japanese accessories.

The department stores are also home to nationwide shop chains offering a wide range of of convenient goods. Ropeway Street extends from Ōkaidō. There are many stores for souvenirs and sundries, and it’s fun just to walk and browse.

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