Recommended course 1Matsuyama / Kyōto / Hiroshima

This course allows plenty of time to experience the charms of Matsuyama, a beautiful provincial castle and spa town.

Nearby towns producing ceramics, and with streets of old buildings are also impressive. Hiroshima is just across the Seto Inland Sea with easy access to Kyōto, making this a Japanese journey packed with charm.

4 nights, 5 days from Haneda Airport

  1. Day 1
  2. Day 2
  3. Day 3
  4. Day 4

Hotel in Matsuyama

About 13 minutes by tram from the Ōkaidō tram stop

JR Matsuyama Station

About 25 minutes by express train on the JR Yosan Line

JR Uchiko Station

Get around by rental cycle or on foot

01. Old Streets of Yōkaichi and Gokoku

Nostalgic street scenes of old merchant houses, storehouses and private homes. It’s a nationally designated Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings. Many of the private houses are still in use as homes. The architecture of the houses is very interesting, and there are lots of souvenir shops and Japanese cake shops to enjoy.


10 minutes’ walk

02. Uchiko-za Theatre

This theatre was a popular attraction for local people in the Taishō period (1912 to 1926). Scheduled for demolition, it was restored according to the wishes of the residents, and now it’s used for diverse cultural events. Various stage machinery is located under the stage, and all of its functions as a theatre have been preserved. It’s an important national cultural property.


About 8 minutes’ walk

JR Uchiko Station

About 16 minutes on the JR Uchiko Line

JR Ōzu Station

About 5 minutes by taxi

03. Ohanahan Street

There are streets of old-fashioned houses which remind some people of Kyōto. It was the location for the television drama Ohanahan, hence its current name. The rest station has exhibits relating to the drama.

About 5 minutes’ walk

04. Garyū Sansō

This austere but sophisticated villa stands on a remarkably picturesque bend in the Hijikawa River. Exquisite craftsmanship was lavished on every part of this unique building. When you gaze out over the Hijikawa River from the veranda, time slows down and your spirit is cleansed.


About 7 minutes by taxi

JR Ōzu Station

About 40 minutes by JR Yosan Line express train

JR Matsuyama Station

About 20 minutes by Matsuyama Kankōkō Port Limousine Bus

Matsuyama Kankōkō Port

About 1 hour and 10 minutes by high-speed boat

Hiroshima Port (Ujina)

About 30 minutes by tram

Hotel in Hiroshima