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Festival Autumn | October 7, 2016

Matsuyama Autumn Festival

In appreciation for bountiful harvest, many ceremonies are held in various regions. Of these, perhaps the most spectacular is the hachiawase, in which multiple mikoshi are violently smashed against each other while men chant “motekoi, motekoi.” Although the hachiawase that take place at the Itsukushima Shrine and in front of the Dōgo Onsen Station are most famous, it can happen in many other locations around the city. Multiple kenka (fighting) mikoshi pounding against each other while the mikoshi mamori (mikoshi protectors), who are younger men surrounding the mikoshi, pushing with all their strength is a sight to see. Not only the fight, but also the miya-ire (carrying the mikoshi into the shrine) and miya-dashi (taking the mikoshi out of the shrine) are highlights not to be missed. The sight of one large mikoshi after another being carried up the 135 steep steps of the Isaniwa Shrine is one you're sure to remember.

Schedule October 7, 2016
Address Various locations within Matsuyama City