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Performing arts Autumn | October 3, 2016

Matsuyama Takigi Noh

As the landscape gradually darkens in the dusk hours, Matsuyama Takigi Noh emerges under the remaining light from the sky and the flames of bonfires. Sounds of drums and flutes permeate the park and create a mysterious ambiance around the stage which stands against the backdrop of Matsuyama Castle. Members of the audience enjoy a stage of subtle profundity wavering in the flickering kagaribi (ancient form of illumination using torches) while looking toward the deep green Shiroyama, the keep tower (tenshu), and the huge stone walls of the castle. Takigi Noh is a special type of noh performance that is mainly held on summer nights at a theatre or on a temporary outdoor stage surrounded by kagaribi. Noh is a theatrical art of medieval Japan that includes elements of staging and drama.

Schedule October 3, 2016
Address Special Stage at Yasuragi Hiroba, Shiroyama Park, Matsuyama City
Phone 089-948-6555 (Tourism and International Exchange Division)