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FestivalOther Autumn | October 13, 2018

Yuzuki Castle Kangetsusai (Moon Viewing Festival)

Under the moonlight, visitors can enjoy the cool sophistication of Dōgo that include short musicals of Botchan Gekijō, Iyo Suigun (Japanese navy) drum performance, as well as shows of traditional performing arts, along with more familiar genres such as ukulele and jazz music. The festival also includes the Yuzuki-ichi market, to which many popular vendors come to sell a wide variety of products, including Dōgo’s special imotaki (potato dish), Yuzuki manjū (sweet bean paste filled buns), handmade crafts, and jako katsu (fried small fish patty) burgers. There is also a gathering for enjoying matcha tea while admiring the moon, which gives you an opportunity to soak in the wonderful atmosphere of the garden.

Schedule October 15, 2016
Address Garden (south side) at Dōgo Park
Phone 089-941-1480 (Administrative Office, Yuzuki Castle Resource Center)