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Matsuyama Spring Festival (Dōgo Onsen Festival)

The Dōgo Onsen Festival is held to invite spring to Matsuyama. It's the liveliest of all the festivals that take place in Dōgo. Starting with a celebration called Yukitō, this three-day festival involves a large variety of events held in the vicinity of Dōgo Onsen Honkan and Dōgo Arcade. They include chōju (long life) mochi making, a brass band parade, performance of local arts, mochi throwing (held every day), and the Rakuichi Rakuza market. One of the most popular of these events is the onna mikoshi kakikurabe, which is a race of mikoshi (portable shrines) carried by fearless all-women groups in happi coats.

Schedule March 19-21, 2017
Address Around Dōgo
Phone 089-943-8342(Dōgo Onsen Festival Executive Committee, Dōgo Onsen Ryokan Association)