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Festival Summer | July 28, 2018

Kazahaya Sea Festival

Many kinds of fireworks light up the night sky above the Hōjō district of Matsuyama City. The lights of the lanterns, together with the reflections of the fireworks on the water, present a beautiful and fantastic sight. The “Kazahaya” that is part of this festival’s name comes from the fact that the Hōjō District used to be called the Kazahaya District. Hōjō District is also known for being the home for the Kōno Suigun naval force which once dominated the Seto Inland Sea.

Schedule July 29, 2017
Address Hōjō Port Gaikō Niageba (outer landing port) Hōjō-tsuji, Matsuyama City
Phone 089-948-6555 (Tourism and International Exchange Division)