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FestivalConvention Summer | August 26 , 2018

Triathlon Nakajima Tournament

A special summer event that takes place on Nakajima, the largest of Kutsuna Islands. This heated competition involves a total distance of 51.5km, which consists of 1.5km of swimming, 40km of biking, and 10km of running. Sportsmen and women gather from all over Japan in order to win with the best time, taking part with the local residents who urge them on. The participants vary greatly in age, from 20s to 70s. A party is held on the eve of the meet, attended by the competing athletes, their family, and local residents. The local people take this opportunity to show off the special products of the island, such as tangerines.

Schedule August 26
Address Nagashi, Matsuyama City
Phone 089-997-1840 (Triathlon Nakajima Tournament Executive Committee)