Experiences with Armor & Matchlocks at Matsuyama Castle

Try out the experience of putting on armor at Matsuyama Castle’s Honmaru Square!
The armor inside the keep has been updated as well!

On the first floor of Matsuyama Castle’s tenshu, or keep, visitors can have the experience of trying on suits of armor freely.
Also, a new booth has been set up to offer armor-wearing experiences in Honmaru Square as well as on the first floor of the keep, with armor-wearing and picture-taking services on offer beginning in October 2018.
How about having a portrait taken against a backdrop of the castle’s keep to commemorate your visit to Matsuyama Castle? You’ll be sure to gain an even greater sense of the castle’s charms.


[ Overview ]

From Oct. 6 (Sat.), 2018 through Mar. 31 (Sun.), 2019
Saturdays & Sundays, 9:00am – 4:00pm
* During rainy weather, armor-wearing in Honmaru Square will be suspended, with armor-wearing and picture-taking services added in the Experience Zone inside the keep. An admission fee (¥510 for adults, ¥150 for children) will be charged for entry to the keep.
Matsuyama Castle hilltop, Honmaru Square
Number of armor suits:
2 in adult sizes

The Experience Zone Inside the Keep

The armor inside the keep has been updated as of October 2018. New changes have been made that the whole family can enjoy, with children’s sizes available as well as an original updated armor design featuring the family emblem from past lords of Matsuyama Castle emblazoned on the dō breastplate and maedate crest of the kabuto headpiece.


Try out the experience of pointing a matchlock gun
inside Matsuyama Castle!

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Meiji Restoration, a Matchlock Gun Experience Zone has been set up where visitors can delve into the history of Matsuyama Castle from the viewpoint of its functions regarding defense and attack. Matsuyama Castle is said to be an unassailable castle with many gates and turrets set up along with its multiple layers of stone walls and winding approach. Have fun taking pictures with your matchlock placed in one of its “sama” (gun ports) for real!

What are “sama”?

Sama are openings in castle walls for peering out and shooting from.
Oblong ones are called ya-zama (arrow slits) and square ones, teppō-zama (gun ports.)


[ Overview ]

Feb. – Nov., 9:00am – 5:00pm / Aug., 9:00am – 5:30pm / Dec. – Jan., 9:00am – 4:30pm
18m-corridor (jikken-rōka) in the Matsuyama Castle’s keep (next to the Katana Weight Experience Zone)
Admission to the keep, ¥510 for adults, ¥150 for children
* The matchlock experience itself is free of charge.
Details of the Experience:
Visitors can hold matchlock guns in their hands and have the firsthand experience of pointing them out from the gun ports in the jikken-rōka corridor in the keep.