The Kutsuna Islands that float off the coast of Matsuyama city
are a treasure trove of citrus fruits and natural marine products.
Come and experience the unspoiled nature and warm and friendly local islanders.

The Kutsuna Islands are made up of nine habited islands and numerous inhabited islands. Many spectacular viewpoints can be found all over the islands.
The beautiful blue skies, white clouds, bright greenery, and yellow flowers at the Koibito Tōge (“two lovers mountain path”) on the Gogoshima Island. The golden glow of the Asian fireflies that light up the pitch-dark forests on Nakajima Island. The islands scattered across the blue sea of Setouchi are full of rich nature. They are blessed with citrus fruits that grow in ample sunlight, as well as many seafoods including abalone and natural seaweeds like hijiki and wakame. The history and culture of the local communities are still deeply a part of the nature-filled island landscape.
Vibrant events have been held on various islands for many years. They include festivals designated as intangible folklore cultural assets of Ehime Prefecture, such as the kaineri (“boat-rowing dance”) of Kashima Island and the funaodori (“boat dance”) of the Gogoshima Island, as well as the Triathlon Nakajima Tournament that’s been taking place since 1986. Enjoy the smell of the sea and sound of the waves as you explore the islands of Setouchi on foot or by bicycle.

Island Landscapes

The deep blue sky and sea that seem to draw you in, and the sparkling shadow of the waves. The sound of the waves and the salty scent will pull you away from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Surrender to the leisurely flow of time—the “island time”—that only Setouchi can offer.

Sweet Tangerines that Grow Under the Three Suns

These islands are blessed with rich nature and have the perfect environment for growing citrus fruits. These island fruits, it is said, “have three suns”—the sunlight that pour down from the sky, the light that reflects off of the sea, and the light that bounces back off of the stone walls of the terraced fields. Thanks to these “three suns,” the citrus fruits of the islands grow very sweet.

The Superb “Matsuyama Agricultural Product Brands” Made on the Islands!

Matsuyama takes pride in all its special local island products.
The Botchan Shima Awabi (“Botchan island abalone”) and Matsuyama Hijiki both grew in the clean ocean with fast tides and are packed with concentrated deliciousness.
Beni Madonna, Setoka, and Kara Mandarin are oranges that grow in the mountains as they are showered with the blessings of the sun and the minerals that come from the ocean and the surrounding nature.
There are many other freshly harvested citrus fruits, like Satsuma Mandarin and Iyokan, and vegetables like onions, as well as fresh seafood just caught in the ocean nearby. All of the foods harvested on the islands are exceptional.
The island dishes using locally procured ingredients like the takomeshi and taimeshi are local cuisines filled with gifts from the sea. These island cuisines can not only be eaten on the islands but they can also be enjoyed within the Matsuyama City area. We invite you to try Setouchi’s prized dishes made with delicious foods that come from both the sea and the mountain.