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Mt. Ishizuchi

At 1,982 m, Mt. Ishizuchi is the highest peak in western Japan. Along with Mt. Fuji, it’s one of Japan’s seven sacred mountains, and it has been an object of worship from ancient times. From the top of the mountain, you can see the Seto Inland Sea and Pacific Ocean, and in clear weather, you can see the mountains of Chūgoku and Kyūshu. You can get to the summit by the footpath along the ridge, or using the cable car. On the way, there are three rock faces hung with chains. If you don’t feel up to climbing them, there are detours you can use. As home to a diversity of plants, it’s designated a quasi-national park.

Address Saijō City / Kumakōgen-chō,Kamiukena-gun
Phone 0892-21-1111 (Kuma Kōgen Tourism Section)