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Tōdai-ji Temple

Built in the earlier part of the 8th century by the reigning emperor marshalling the resources of the state, this temple has attracted believers from ancient times, having a considerable impact on Japanese culture. The Great Buddha of Nara is a national treasure. It’s about 15 m high. It was started in 745 and completed in 752. There are many other national treasures including the Nandaimon Gate, Kondō (Daibutsuden), and the wooden statues of Kongō Rikishi. It’s designated a World Heritage Site as part of the cultural property of Nara.

Address 406-1 Zōshi-chō, Nara City, Nara
Phone 0742-22-5511
Open time 7:30 to 17:30 (Varies according to the season)
Fee ¥500
Web Site
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