Emergency Response


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Useful Emergency Apps

“Safety Tips”: An app for up-to-date disaster information

Providing disaster information in Japan.
Receive weather emergency warnings, such as earthquakes and tsunami notifications, and confirm details of weather information and what actions to take.

Ehime Evacuation Support App “Hime Shelter”

Providing weather, disaster, and evacuation information in Ehime Prefecture.
Information about the user’s current location and the nearest evacuation zone is displayed on a map to support evacuation.

Japan Official Travel App

Disaster information such as Earthquake Early Warning and Weather Special Warning will be provided.

Useful Websites and Services in a Disaster

Japan National Tourism Organization Web Site

The “Important Notice” section provides relevant links to useful pages in the event of a disaster.

JNTO(Japan safe Travel) on Twitter

Information for foreign travelers will be provided in the event of a disaster.
Account: @JapanSafeTravel

Japan Visitor Hotline “JNTO Call Center”

Inquiries are fielded over the phone 24 hours a day to ensure the safety and security of foreign travelers in times of emergency.

Tel: 050-3816-2787


NHK World JAPAN can be used as a source of information in English in the event of a big disaster such as an earthquake or a typhoon.

Medical Related Information

List of medical institutions that can accommodate inbound visitors to Japan

A list of medical institutions that can provide medical examinations in foreign languages can be searched by selecting the department and the corresponding language.


This guidebook provides information such as how to receive medical treatment in Japan and a finger-pointing conversation sheet that can be used to communicate symptoms.

Other Useful Tools


The voice translation app “Voicetra” is available on a trial basis.

The prime minister’s office “Disaster and crisis control information”Twitter

Information on government activities related to disaster and crisis management is provided on Twitter.