Tourist Information Center


Matsuyama Convention and Visitors Bureau operates tourist information centers in five locations. The information centers have pamphlets and information in various foreign languages.

Matsuyama Ehime Tourist Information Center

Located in Matsuyama Mitsukoshi’s ground-level Atrium Court. Provides tourist information along with a range of other services including a tax exemption counter, foreign currency exchange, temporary baggage storage and baggage transport. 

Address Matsuyama Mitsukoshi  1F Atrium Court 

3-1-1  Ichibanchō, Matsuyama City 790-8532

Contact 089-998-2205
Business hours

10:00~19:00 ※ Excludes Matsuyama Mitsukoshi closures 

Matsuyama Castle Cable Car Station Information Desk

The information desk is on the ground floor of the cable car station. Look for the glass building with big brush and ink drawings.

Address 3-2-46 Ōkaidō, Matsuyama City 790-0004
Contact 089-935-5113
Business hours 8:30 to 17:00 year round

Dōgo Tourist Office

On the right of the entrance to Dōgo shopping arcade near Dōgo Onsen Tram Station. You can pick up pamphlets and information about Dōgo and all of Matsuyama.

Address 6-8 Dōgo-yunomachi, Matsuyama City 790-0842
Contact 089-921-3708
Business hours 8:30 to 17:00 year round

JR Matsuyama Station Matsuyama Tourist Information Center

English-speaking staff available

Convenient for when you arrive at Matsuyama Station. It’s located in the station shopping area in the station immediately on the right as you enter the station.

Address In Matsuyama Station at 1-14-1 Minamiedo, Matsuyama City 790-0062
Contact 089-931-3914
Business hours 8:30 to 20:30 year round

Matsuyama Kankōkō Port Terminal Tourist Information Center

Convenient for when you get off the ferry at Kankōkō Port. There’s a spacious counter in the attractive building. There’s also a wide choice of souvenirs in the port terminal.

Address 5-2259-1 Takahamamachi, Matsuyama City 791-8081
Contact 089-951-2411
Business hours 8:30 to 17:00 year round