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Haiku Monuments and Haiku Box

  • Haiku Monuments and Haiku Box
  • Haiku Monuments and Haiku Box


    Haiku is a popular cultural activity in Matsuyama. As the capital of haiku, the city has set up haiku posts throughout tourist spots, hotels, and inns where anyone can submit their haikus. Currently there are over 80 haiku post boxes within the city and more than ten outside Ehime prefecture, as well as post boxes in Brussels, Belgium, Matsuyama sister city Freiburg, Germany, and Matsuyama friendship exchange city Taipei, Taiwan. Matsuyama’s haiku post boxes are opened once every three months to select winning verses, and their authors are presented with commemorative gifts. Monuments inscribed with haiku can also be found throughout the city, and many enthusiasts enjoy traveling around to visit them.

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