It’s Romantic and Wonderful! Enjoy the Outdoors in Matsuyama!

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It’s Romantic and Wonderful! Enjoy the Outdoors in Matsuyama!

In Matsuyama, with its many tourist attractions and outing spots, there are plenty of leisure facilities for the outdoors. Among them, we highly recommend the activities on the islands in the Seto Inland Sea. The spectacular views of Setouchi were presented as a recommended go-to destination in 2019 by "The New York Times" and the "NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELER". The Seto Inland Sea is attracting international attention for its multi-island beauty. Here we will introduce Nakajima and Kashima islands, the largest islands in the Kutsuna Islands in the Seto Inland Sea! Get your body moving and refresh your mood in the lush natural surroundings!



Excellent location!  “Hoshifuru Terrace Himegahama” where you can enjoy various activities such as camping and barbecuing!

“Hoshifuru Terrace Himegahama” on Nakajima Island, the largest island in the Kutsuna Islands!

Nakajima Island where you can enjoy the beauty of the multi-island Seto Inland Sea is a major summer leisure spot in Matsuyama! “Himegahama-sō”, Nakajima’s accommodation facility, was reopened in August of 2020 as “Hoshifuru Terrace Himegahama”!


The terraces of both Japanese-style and Western-style rooms are attractive spaces where you can feel the warmth of wood. As there is a kitchen, and a shop and restaurant as well, you can enjoy a light and relaxing mini vacay!


The location is great with the clear blue sea and sky on the white sand beach. “Hoshifuru Terrace Himegahama” is an easily accessible resort right next to the beach.

Taking a walk on the beach at dusk is romantic.  And, as the name of “Hoshifuru (full of stars) Terrace” suggests, the stars spread out at night on Nakajima Island! Spending some leisure time watching the night sky while listening to the sound of the waves is recommended.

The Seto Inland Sea spreads in front of you! Outdoor leisure to enjoy in a great location!

At “Hoshifuru Terrace Himegahama” on Nakajima Island, you can enjoy outdoor leisure activities such as swimming in the sea in summer and camping throughout the year. Speaking of camping, barbecue is the best thing of all!  Have a delicious and relaxing meal while gazing at the scenery of the Seto Inland Sea where the beauty of the islands spreads! Since barbecue equipment can be rented and ingredients can be bought locally, anyone can enjoy!


Cycling is one of the most popular activities on Nakajima Island!

Ride around the Island and enjoy the scenery of the sea and mountains.

Nakajima Ōura Port (Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd.)
Address: Nakajima Port Building, 4764 Nakajima Ōura, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture 791-4501
Phone: 089-997-1221

Nakajima can be reached by ferry or high-speed boat. There are three available ports, Mitsuhama Port, Takahama Port, and Matsuyama Kankōkō Port. High-speed boats can only be used from Takahama Port!

Matsuyama City Station → Mitsuhama Port

About 15 minutes by Iyotetsu Takahama Line to Mitsu Station

About 15 minutes on foot from Mitsu Station to Mitsuhama Port

Matsuyama City Station → Takahama Port

About 21 minutes by Iyotetsu Takahama Line to Takahama Station

Takahama Port is directly in front of Takahama Station.

It takes about one to one and a half hours by ferry and about 30 minutes by high-speed boat to Ōura Port and Kōnoura Port on Nakajima Island. The fastest way to access Nakajima Island is by high-speed boat from Takahama Port!

The ferry is recommended for those who want to enjoy a leisurely sea trip while gazing at the scenery!

Click here for detailed information such as timetables and ship faresNakajima Kisen Co., Ltd.

Nakajima Kisen Co., Ltd.

Click here for access to Matsuyama City Station!

Enjoy the outdoors at Hojō Kashima Island, also known as ” Enoshima of Iyo!”

“Kashima”, Matsuyama’s leading leisure island!

It takes only 3 minutes by ferry from Kashima Park Ferry Landing! A small uninhabited island, Kashima is full of activities such as fishing, swimming, trekking and camping. Because it is a small island, anyone can easily enjoy mountain climbing. 


The sunset over the Seto Inland Sea and the beauty of the island-dotted area are very romantic. There is also a famous place called “Lover’s Sanctuary” on the mountaintop of Kashima Island! It is a recommended spot with an outstanding atmosphere.


You can also enjoy camping on Kashima. Since utility carts are available free of charge, you can easily and smoothly carry your luggage. It’s fun to pitch a tent together. It is also interesting to go fishing and exceptionally fun to have the fish you caught yourself cooked while you watch. Enjoy the outdoors while enjoying the passage of time, relaxed and restful.

The attractions of Kashima Island are more than the outdoor activities…!

There is a cute deer statue on the ferry boat to Kashima! It is an excellent photo op.

In addition, deer live on the island and you can enjoy interactive experiences such as feeding them. A healing time filled with the charm of Hojō Kashima Island.

Kashima, where you can interact with deer while enjoying the outdoors, is accessible by ferry boat from the Kashima Park Ferry Landing!

Getting to the landing is best by train or bus.

Matsuyama City Station → Hojō Kashima-mae

About 50 minutes by Iyotetsu Bus Hojō Line

Matsuyama City Station → JR Matsuyama Station → JR Iyo Hojō Station

About 10 minutes by Iyotetsu streetcar from Matsuyama City Station to JR Matsuyama Station

About 12 minutes by limited express train and about 30 minutes by regular train from JR Matsuyama Station to JR Iyo Hojō Station

About 10 minutes on foot from JR Hojō Station to Kashima Park Ferry Landing

Click here for details such as timetables and boarding fees!

Train (JR Shikoku)

Bus/streetcar (Iyotetsu Group)

Kashima Park Ferry Landing

Phone: 089-992-1375

Address: 1605 Hojō-tsuji, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, 799-2430


There you have it. Many more outdoor spots can be found in Matsuyama!

How was Matsuyama’s outdoor special feature? There are many other outdoor spots.

It’s romantic and wonderful! Enjoy the outdoors in Matsuyama!


At the Matsuyama City Outdoor Activity Center (Yagai Katsudō Center), there are plenty of activity facilities such as athletic play equipment, grounds, tennis courts, and a gymnasium, and because you can also rent play equipment you can easily enjoy sports there.

It is possible to stay at the lodge, or in a tent and camp or barbecue, or drive and stay at an auto campsite. It is an outdoor spot with endless fun.


Matsuyama City Outdoor Activity Center (Rainbow Highland)
Address: 280 Otsu, Sugezawa-machi, Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, 799-2648

The islands of Matsuyama City number more than 30 large and small islands, including 9 manned islands, and are called “the Kutsuna Islands” because they used to be the base of the Kutsuna Naval Forces. In the spring, they are wrapped in the sweet and sour scent of citrus flowers, in the summer the brilliant sun, the blue sea and the white sandy beaches are dazzling, in the autumn they are crowded with history, culture and festivals, and in the winter the islands are dyed orange. We recommend them because there are many ways to enjoy them depending on the season. Every August, the “Triathlon Nakajima Tournament” which has continued since 1986 is held on Nakajima Island, the largest island in the Kutsuna Islands.

Kutsuna IslandsKutsuna Islands


“Saka-no-ue-no-Kumo (Clouds above the Hill) community development team”


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