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Tobe-yaki ware

  • Tobe-yaki ware
  • Tobe-yaki ware
  • Tobe-yaki ware
  • Tobe-yaki ware


    ‘Tobeyaki’ is the name for the ceramics produced in the town of Tobe. It boasts a history going back about 230 years, and it’s designated a national traditional craft and a prefectural intangible cultural property. It features pale indigo patterns on a pure white ground, and rather thick, unaffected shapes. Tableware and vases are common, and it’s popular as a bowl for Sanuki udon noodles. Currently there are around 100 pottery kilns in Tobe Town, each producing wares with their own distinctive characteristics.Besides traditional work using techniques dating from ancient times, recently many fresh, modern works by women and young artisans have appeared.

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    Tobe-chō, Iyo-gun
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