“Citrus Kingdom, Ehime.” Not just mandarin oranges!

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“Citrus Kingdom, Ehime.” Not just mandarin oranges!

When we think of Ehime, we think of its famous "mandarin oranges." Needless to say, Ehime is one of Japan's leading mandarin orange production areas. However, the prefecture produces many citrus fruits other than mandarin oranges that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Ehime Prefecture ranks first in the nation in terms of both the number of kinds of citrus and the total harvest . Ehime Prefecture is unquestionably the "Citrus Kingdom." As it is the "kingdom", naturally, mandarin orange juice comes out of the faucet?! Let's get close to the citruses of Ehime discover the truth of such rumors.



That urban legend is true?!

“Mandarin orange juice comes out of the faucet in Ehime”. You have heard Ehime’s “urban legend” as if it were true, haven’t you?

Juice From a faucet? Is it true?

This urban legend is true. Although it is not yet common in households, such dream faucets do exist at “Ehime Egao no Kankō Bussan-kan (Ehime Smile Tourist Product Center)” in “Ropeway shopping street” and at the 1st floor of Matsuyama Airport “Orange BAR”. You can get a dedicated cup after paying, so please turn the faucet and pour yourself some.

Click here for more information about the Ehime Egao no Kankō Bussan-kan.

The reason why mandarin oranges in Ehime are so delicious.

Ehime mandarin oranges not only grow well and are harvested in great quantity, but they also taste good. Delicious mandarin oranges grow in the most suitable natural environment of Ehime. Ehime, facing the Seto Inland Sea, has many sunny days throughout the year, and mandarin oranges can get much sunlight from the sky, and also much sunlight reflected from the sea. The rich soil with minerals that receives the sea breeze is also the best environment for producing mandarin oranges.

This is it! The delicious mandarin orange.

Generally, “mandarin orange” means “Unshū mandarin orange.” Depending on the harvest time, oranges are classified into “Gokuwase (early ripening) mandarin oranges” which are ripe around October and “Nakate Unshū (intermediate between “wase”, early-ripening and “okute”, slow-ripening)” which ripen around December. From “house mandarin oranges (mandarins grown in a greenhouse)”, which start to ripen in mid-May, to “Futsu-Unshū (ordinary Unshū)”, which start in late December, the Unshū mandarin orange can be enjoyed fresh for almost 10 months.

The best way to distinguish delicious mandarin oranges is to choose one that is about the size of the palm of a woman’s hand, and is flatter than round, and has smooth skin.

Recommended citrus in Matsuyama

Ehime also has many varieties of citrus such as “Iyokan”, “Ponkan”, “Lemon” and “Sudachi” other than Unshū mandarin oranges, and you can enjoy delicious citrus all year round. New varieties are emerging one after another, and among them, there are the three best citrus varieties certified as “Matsuyama Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishery Product Brand” by Matsuyama City. This is the genuine brand citrus from Ehime.

Jelly-like “Beni Madonna”

A surprising texture like jelly that is juicy and soft. Sweet fruit juice and its fragrance spread in your mouth. The outer and the inner skin are thin and delicate, and it is a beautiful and superb citrus that deserves to be called Madonna.The season is from late November to December.


“Setoka”, the rich taste of like”Ōtoro”

Produced by mixing several varieties and born of each “Iitokodori (picking the best of everything)”. It is called “Ōtoro of Citrus” and is rich and mellow, juicy and has a rich fragrance. The season is from the end of January to the middle of March.

Kara-mandarin maturing on the tree without harvesting until spring.

 The fruit matures without harvesting during the winter and is harvested in April and May after the flavor is firmly contained.

Enjoy various products of various citrus

Various products using citrus other than for eating have been created.At citrus stores in Dōgo Onsen and Ropeway shopping street, you can buy souvenirs and also enjoy freshly squeezed juice and gelato.Have fun eating together and comparing the taste. There are drinks and snacks, seasonings such as “salted mandarin orange” and dressings, and not only food but also essential oils and cosmetics.Enjoy looking for it in various shops in the city.

Experience mandarin orange picking. Enjoy all of the citruses of Ehime with all of your senses.

Mandarin orange picking can be experienced at mandarin orange farms and tourist farms in the prefecture. Mandarin oranges that you harvest and eat on the spot are very juicy and delicious. Enjoy and sense the charm of Ehime’s citrus through various experiences.

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