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Kashima Island

This small island sits 400 m off the coast of Hōjō. It’s 1.5 km round and 113.8 m high. There are trails around the island and over the mountain, and the appearance of the island changes with the seasons. You can also see wild deer here. The beautiful coastline of the island is popular with swimmers in the summer. The top of the mountain affords a sweeping view over Hōjō and the islands of Setouchi. Many haiku poets have visited, and there are haiku monuments dotted around the island.

Address Hōjō-tsuji,Matsuyama City
Phone 098-992-1375 (Kashima Ferry Car Park Office)
Open time Ferry operating hours 7:00 to 22:00 (Varies according to the season)
Fee ¥210 (Round trip ferry fare)