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Ai-no-Kōro excursion boat route

  • Ai-no-Kōro excursion boat route
  • Ai-no-Kōro excursion boat route
  • Ai-no-Kōro excursion boat route
  • Ai-no-Kōro excursion boat route


    The Hana-Henro excursion boat offers mini cruises of about 30 minutes swaying in the waves of the Seto Inland Sea. The tours, which take passengers around to Koga-shima island, Gyokuri and Kando-jima—a pair of meoto-iwa, or “wedded rocks” in the sea—and Chikiri-jima island, are highly enjoyable for children as well. Onboard, announcements in the lilting voice of the Matsuyama-born comedian and actress Tomochika introduce passengers to highlights at each scenic spot along the way. The rocks of Gyokuri and Kando-jima, sometimes referred to as the Futami of Iyo (after the famous Futami meoto-iwa in Mie Prefecture), offer particularly striking scenes as the evening sun descends into the sea. Sunset cruises can be highly recommended. The name “Ai-no-Kōro” (literally “Route of Love”) alludes to the stunning locations along the excursion’s path across the waves.

    Basic information

    1596 Hōjō-tsuji, Matsuyama City
    How to Get There
    10-minute walk from JR Iyo-Hōjō Station and 3-minute ferry ride
    Open time
    From 10:37 a.m. to sunset
    No holidays
    Fares: Adults ¥370, young children ¥190
    • Accessible by public transportation
    • Travel by car recommended
    • Parking available
    • Barrier-free accessibility
    Who are you traveling with?
    • Children
    • Family
    • Couple
    • Friends
    • Alone
    • Senior
    Recommended seasons
    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    Please be aware that changes may be made to the information due to various circumstances.
    For the latest information, please contact the respective facilities directly.
    Advance reservations not required from the second Saturday in July through August 31. From the second Saturday of July to August 31st, please make a reservation at the Kashima Park ferry waiting area by 17:00 the day before. Please be aware that excursions may be suspended in the event of strong wind or high waves.

    Detailed information

    Kashima Park Ferry Port Office 089-992-1375
    This information is correct as of 12/2023. For details, please visit the official website of each facility or contact each facility.