[Deep Dōgo Course] A slightly extended and luxurious course especially for adults to enjoy in Dōgo.

[Deep Dōgo Course] A slightly extended and luxurious course especially for adults to enjoy in Dōgo.

This is a slightly extended town walk for adults. How about a small reward for yourself, enjoying Dōgo Onsen, said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan, and Matsuyama's local cuisine and famous confectioneries? This model course is recommended for those who want to “enjoy the history and culture of Matsuyama while walking around the town.”


[Dōgo Town Walking Course]
Recommended course for those who want to enjoy a slightly extended stroll around town.

01. An extraordinary experience, swaying with the Botchan Train

This steam locomotive, which appears in the novel “Botchan” by Soseki Natsume, is nicknamed “Botchan Train” and is a popular vehicle among tourists.
Get on the retro Botchan Train and you’ll feel like you have traveled back in time.
Please enjoy traveling to “Dōgo Onsen Station” while gazing at the cityscape of Matsuyama from the train windows.

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About 25 minutes from JR Matsuyama City Station

02. Enjoy “Dōgo”, a historical town

Entrust yourself to a rickshaw and enjoy a visit to famous places in Dōgo.
The historic Dōgo Onsen which was mentioned in the ancient written works “Nihon Shoki” and the “Manyōshū“. There are many attractions in the town centered around Dōgo Onsen Honkan which has immense historical value.

After getting off the rickshaw, take a rest with a taste of Matsuyama’s famous confectioneries. Matsuyama’s unique sweets are recommended with such foods as “Taruto”, which is characterized by its refreshing bean paste kneaded with yuzu, and the “Botchan dumpling” which derives its name from the novel “Botchan.”

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While walking around the Dōgo Shopping Arcade, you will be greeted by an old-fashioned shooting range and back alley scenery.
It is a small luxury to have a moment that brings you back to your childhood.
Immerse yourself in the world of Dōgo and enjoy time flowing by.

About 5 minutes on foot from Dōgo Onsen

03. Experience a pilgrimage at “Matsuyama Haiku”

At “Matsuyama Haiku” you can experience walking around the town with a dedicated guide, enjoying the pilgrimage experience casually, dressed up in the costume of a pilgrim (Ohenro).
The “Shikoku Pilgrimage” was certified as a Japan Heritage Site in 2015.
Ishite-ji temple, said to be the birthplace of the Shikoku pilgrimage and one of the most famous among the 88 sacred sites, is also a good access point, about a 20-minute walk from Dōgo.

The best place to visit is “Osuna Nade,” which means “to touch the soil.”
It is said that by praying while touching the soil of the 88 temples and Kongobu-ji temple on Mt. Koya, you can earn the same merit as if you had made the actual Shikoku pilgrimage.

“Osuna Nade”

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04. Taste Matsuyama’s local cuisine

After the pilgrimage experience, enjoy the unique local cuisine.
If you want to enjoy the climate of Matsuyama with your tastebuds, we recommend the local dish called “Tai-meshi (sea bream with rice) .”


After enjoying a rich meal, you can toast with the local brew, “Dōgo Beer”.

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05. Heal the fatigue of your trip at the hot springs in Dōgo

What you must not miss when traveling to Dōgo is Dōgo Onsen Honkan which is the symbol of Dōgo Onsen, and Asuka-no-Yu of the Dōgo Onsen Annex which is based on the concept of a bathhouse that incorporates the architectural style of the Asuka period (592〜710).


Dōgo Onsen Annex Asuka-no-Yu is a popular spot where you can enjoy the collaboration of Ehime’s traditional crafts such as “Tobe-yaki ware” and “Iyosu” which express the legends and stories related to Dōgo Onsen, and the contemporary art.
These spaces, which incorporate not only Matsuyama crafts, but also the traditional crafts of the neighboring cities and towns of Ōzu and Saijō, are beautiful structures filled with the charms of Ehime.
In addition, the Dōgo Onsen Honkan, where you can enjoy bathing even during the preservation and repair works, is full of experiences that can only be enjoyed now. This renovation time is also a unique opportunity in the long history of Dōgo Onsen.
Heal the fatigue of your trip with the famous hot water which flows directly from the source without reheating or adding water.

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