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Futami Seaside Park, Koibito Misaki, Roadside Station Futami

  • Futami Seaside Park, Koibito Misaki, Roadside Station Futami
  • Futami Seaside Park, Koibito Misaki, Roadside Station Futami


    Appreciated as a “sanctuary for lovers,” the Futami Seaside Park is a popular destination visited by many couples. In addition to the attractions found here, which include Koibito-Misaki (“Lovers’ Cape”), Yūhi no Kanranseki (a stepped stone revetment offering bleacher-like seating where visitors can sit to watch the setting of the sun), Negai-Ishi (“The Wishing Stone”), and Shiawase no Kane (“The Bell of Happiness”), views of the sun sinking into the sea at sunset are of such beauty here that the location is counted among the Top 100 Sunsets in Japan. A michi no eki roadside station onsite sells citrus fruits such as mikan mandarin oranges and other local specialties. A restaurant here allows guests to enjoy views of the sea as they dine. Popular items include jakoten, a tasty snack made by frying a paste made of tiny fish, and special “sunset” soft ice cream with a soft orange shade like the sunset glow.

    Basic information

    2326 Futamichō-takagishi-kō, Iyo City
    How to Get There
    About a 5 minute walk from JR Iyo Kaminada Station
    Open time
    8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Third Tuesdays (except July and August), New Year's Holidays
    • Good nighttime option
    • Pet-friendly (Consultation may be required)
    • Free
    • Accessible by public transportation
    • Travel by car recommended
    • Parking available
    • Barrier-free accessibility
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