Takahama, Mitsuhama

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  • Mitsuhamayaki


    Okonomiyaki from Hiroshima and Ōsaka is well-known, but it’s also the soul food of Mitsuhama. Wheat flour is formed into crêpes flavoured with fish powder, which are used to sandwich cabbage, chikuwa, meat, fish, egg, noodles and other ingredients. It’s topped with a sweet and spicy sauce which creates a mouth-watering aroma as it bubbles on the hot-plate. There are about twenty mitsuhamayaki establishments in the area, and some visitors are moved to visit more than one.

    Basic information

    Mitsuhama area in Matsuyama city
    Open time
    Opening and closing times vary by store.
    The fee varies according to the store.
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    • Summer
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