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    The Kutsuna Islands are named after the Kutsuna pirates that ruled the region long ago. These islands are a part of Matsuyama and consist of more than 30 islands, including nine populated islands.<br />The islands give diverse scenery throughout the seasons, where the sweet-sour scent of citrus blossoms fills the air in spring, bright sunshine reflects off the blue sea and white beaches, traditions are revisited through festivals in the fall, and the islands turn orange from the fruit in the winter. The annual Triathlon Nakajima has been held at Nakajima, the largest island of the Kutsuna Islands, every August since 1986.

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    Matsuyama City
    How to Get There
    ●Gogoshima: Ferry available from Takahama Port
    ●Nakajima: Ferries available from Takahama Port, Matsuyama Kanko Port, and Mitsuhama Port; high-speed boats also available from Takahama Port
    ●Aijima: Passenger ships available from Hojo Port.
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