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Mitsu ferry

This ferry operating in Mitsuhama Port boasts a 500-year history. The boat is operated by Matsuyama City and it’s officially a municipal route. This little boat has room for ten people. It plies back and forth across the Miyamae River, and you can ride it free of charge. You can also put your bicycle on it. Along with the Botchan train, this is one of Matsuyama’s unique and evocative transportation services. From the Edo to the Shōwa period, the Mitsu district thrived as Matsuyama’s gateway to the sea, and its streets are lined with historic old buildings.

Address Mitsu, Matsuyama City
Phone 089-951-2149 (Matsuyama Port Office)
Open time 7:00 to 19:00
Fee Free
Etc Closed:Operates year round except in rough weather