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Kirōsan Observatory Park

This park located at the south end of Ōshima Island has a panoramic observation platform at 307 m above sea level, affording a 360-degree view of the grand scenery of the Kurushima Straits Bridge and the tidal currents of the Kurushima Straits. On clear days, you can see Mt. Ishizuchi. You can watch the sun sink into the Seto Inland Sea, and enjoy the lights on the Kurushima Straits Bridge and the night view of Imabari. To protect the scenery, the observation platform itself is concealed within the mountaintop.

Address 487-4 Yoshiumichō-minamiura, Imabari City
Phone 0897-84-2111 (Imabari City Yoshiumi Branch Office)
Etc photo Imabari District Tourism Association