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Enman-ji Temple

  • Enman-ji Temple
  • Enman-ji Temple
  • Enman-ji Temple
  • Enman-ji Temple


    This temple was established in 812. Its principal image is of Amida Nyorai. The building in front of the main hall holds a 3.67 m high white Jizō statue. It’s said to be made in the Nara period by the renowned priest Gyōki. In 1855 when the Dōgo hot spring failed, prayers addressed to this statue made it start again. Consequently, he’s known as the Buddha of the Spring. Also there’s a stone inscribed with a poem in Kana script by the haikuist Kyōhei Gagyūdō. It’s very rare, being only one of three in Japan. It’s regarded as being the source of a new style of poetry.

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    4-49 Dōgo-yuzukichō, Matsuyama City
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    About a 7 minute walk from Dogo Onsen Streetcar Station
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