Take on the impregnable castle! Experience a virtual siege of Matsuyama Castle with VR!

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Take on the impregnable castle! Experience a virtual siege of Matsuyama Castle with VR!



 Lose yourself to this immersive VR experience. Jump into a siege battle with flying spears and arrows in this 360-degree video!

What is VR (virtual reality)?

VR (virtual reality) is a technology that allows users to experience an immersive world using equipment like VR goggles. It is a new form of entertainment for games and live performances, gaining popularity in recent years. This latest tech wraps your vision in the 360-degree video as if you are experiencing the events in the virtual world.

You are sure to experience the unordinary!!

The story begins at the Chojaganaru ropeway station at the top of the mountain. The 360-degree VR experience guided by the mystical orb takes you through an exciting narrative. Take a closer look at the secret defenses of Matsuyama Castle while experiencing the extraordinary siege battle and a view of Matsuyama Castle from the air!

Ishigaki (Stone Walls); the hidden strategies in the foundation of the castle

Matsuyama Castle’s Tenshu (Main Tower), the very summit of the mountain, naturally attracts your attention. However, the true defensive measures are hidden within the Ishigaki (Stone Walls).

The Ishigaki was constructed to create a bent path to the castle, not only to strengthen the stone walls themselves by making creases but also to make it possible to flank the invaders. As the name implies, it was the foundation for the castle’s defense measures.

There are many other reasons why it is called the impregnable castle.

Now, dive into the battlefield and try to break through the impenetrable walls!

The defense line repelling enemy invasion

The “sieging” scene will place you in the middle of the battle with flying arrows and bullets with immersive sounds.

“Tsutsui-mon Gate,” the largest gate of the keep, is well prepared for a surprise attack. One of its defenses is “Kakure-mon (Hidden Gate),” hidden in the ishigaki behind Tsutsui-mon Gate, allowing the defenders to ambush the attackers. The castle soldiers’ “counter-attack” adds to the “impregnable defense” for the castle.

Even after the series of gates are breached, the tower’s “Renritsushiki Tenshu (syntagmatic castle towers) architecture” demonstrates its true defensive potential. The castle towers surround the courtyard to trap the attackers and overwhelm them from all sides.

You can also experience the history and culture of Matsuyama Castle through the guidance of the mysterious princess played by Nana Mizuki, the popular voice actor from Ehime Prefecture. Who is this princess that guides you through the battle? The secrets may lie in the VR experience…

How to use/precautions for “Matsuyama Castle VR”

  • Location

VR booths are on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Tenshu (Main Tower).

You can enjoy the first installment on the 1st floor and the second half on the 2nd floor.

  • Pricing

VR experience is free

However, admission is required to enter the Tenshu (Main Tower). (Adults ¥520, Children ¥160)

  • Exhibition Period

Permanent exhibit since July 1, 2021

  • Appropriate age

Age 7 years and older. Elementary school children must have parental consent.


Younger children and those uncomfortable with VR goggles can enjoy the experience through monitors set up behind the VR booth.

Matsuyama Castle is under strict COVID preventive measures with mandatory face masks, body temperature checks, hand sanitization, and admission restrictions.

We ask guests for their cooperation in preventing the spread of COVID cases.

Additionally, check out the featured article “Spectacular view! The History! Tons to see! Take a closer look at the unknown charms of Matsuyama Castle” before the VR experience (article in Japanese). The article introduces the deep history and enchantment of Matsuyama Castle that will enrich your knowledge of this historic building! 

We hope you enjoy this unique experience!



[Trailer] Matsuyama Castle VR ~The Mystic Princess and the Phantom Siege~ [68-sec ver.]

A brand-new VR experience available at the Tenshu (Main Tower) of Matsuyama Castle!Immerse yourself in a Matsuyama Castle experience never seen before, through state-of-the-art technology using 360-degree cameras combined with computer graphics.Narrated by Nana Mizuki, voice actor from Ehime Prefecture. Her powerful performance draws participants to this magical experience.

*Japanese audio only. Subtitles in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean are available.

15-sec version and 40-sec version are here

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